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Fighter Applications

So you think you can fight! The goal of Rogue Fights is to find and develop the next future star in the MMA World. Rogue Fights FIGHTERS use a wide variety of fighting techniques, from a mixture of martial arts traditions and non-traditional styles.

Rogue Fights promotes MMA exhibitions in the USA, Mexico, and Canada. Rogue Fights has the facilities and the professional staff to train the top prospects. Our pros have fought in the WEC, Japan Pride fighting, and the PFC. Rogue Fights has the contacts in the professional community to develop prospects as a fighter and a business professional.

If you are interested in fighting in an MMA event, please download the Win-River Fighter Application, and follow the instructions below.


Fighter Applicants: Download and fill out both applications. Complete them with signatures to be considered.

Download Here! Both forms must be faxed to our office for processing and acceptance.

Win River App PDF

Mike Brown (541) 826-2127
Wylie Brown 541-512-4711
Fax: (541) 512-4702

Mike Brown - Promoter: (541) 826 - 2127
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