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Rogue Fights Media

Cool Event Posters!!!

Check out these posters from past Rogue Fight events

Rogue Fights: Fight Night Cage Fights, 11/09/13 Rogue Fights: Ultimate River Throwdown Cage Fights, 04/13/13 Rogue Fights: Warriors on the River, 01/19/13 Rogue Fights: Fists of Fire, 10/20/12 Rogue Fights: Freedom Fights, 7/28/12 Rogue Fights: Battle on the River, 1/21/12 Rogue Fights: 5 Knuckle Showdown, 10/8/11
Rogue Fights, 7/16/11 Rogue Fights: Best in the West, 5/21/11 Rogue Fights: Best in the West, 2010 Rogue Fights: Rogue Warrior Cage Fights 2, 4/17/10 Rogue Fights: Rogue Warrior Cage Fights 1, 1/16/10 Rogue Fights: Rogue Warrior Cage Fights 7, 9/26/09

Newspaper Articles about Past Events

Rogue Fight Videos On YouTube

Dan Lewis vs. Josh Coleman

KNOCKOUT OF THE NIGHT from the Ultimate River Throwdown Cage Fights at Win-River Casino.

Wes Swofford vs. Jason Sharp

Here's a Rogue Fight knock-out selected for Inside MMA's Viewer Submissions from July's Freedom Fights.

Other Fight Videos

Fists of Fire Commercial Presented by Win-River Casino:

  • Rogue Fight: Chris Deluna vs Nick Snow   Rogue Fight: Chris Hibbitts vs James Anderson   Rogue Fight: Ashton Pierce vs Josephy Hoey   Rogue Fight: Joe Landa vs Michael Borja
    Rogue Fight: Garrett Willis vs Josh Winters   Rogue Fight: Devin Johnson vs Nic Myrtle   Rogue Fight: Donavan Hayden vs Zeke Bedolla   Rogue Fight: Mike Franco vs Ryan Williams

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